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Shangmei Yunjing, Xiayue House model room, fully open, 31㎡丨Xiayue House, the model room is a residential building package, and it is a reference example for home buyers to decorate.

Wandefu Park | Overlooking the ocean house, buy a house and get a parking space

Average price 16,800 yuan/㎡ Quotation time: March 26, 2023, price validity period: 30 days The price is a reference price, and the actual price of the developer shall prevail

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On June 27, the real estate sectors of A-shares and Hong Kong stocks rose collectively, and stocks rose by the daily limit. According to market rumors, second-tier cities have canceled housing restriction policies, and the proportion of down payments for second-home homes in first-tier cities has declined. But get the relevant policy certificate… read more >

Counting with the fingers, there is only half a month left in 2020! As the end of the year approaches, not only the owners are thinking about the delivery of the house, but also the buyers will keep an eye on the delivery date. The delivery time is often affected by a variety of factors, such as market factors, policy factors, factors, and the developer's funding situation. These factors are unpredictable and unprepared, affecting the construction process for dozens of days, and at most one or two years. Therefore, the delivery time has attracted the attention of buyers! Affected by the epidemic this year, each real estate will be more or less affected!

To this end, Fang Xiaoni compiled a summary of the real estate projects in the urban area of ​​Rizhao and its surrounding areas that are expected to be handed over in 2021, hoping to provide reference for your real estate investment. (The time of handover, the sales office of the handover building shall prevail)

1. The following data comes from the data released by the public accounts of each project, compiled by the Rizhao property market, and is for reference only;

2. The data is sorted out. If there is any error, please point it out.

The delivery status of real estate in Rizhao urban area and some surrounding areas in 2021! Involving 7 districts and 35 real estate projects, the delivery of real estate is widely distributed, which can be described as "rain and dew"!

Next, let's take a look at which properties will be delivered in 2021!

Blessed with high-quality education in the Dongcheng area, it embraces the political, cultural, and commercial centers of Rizhao, and lives in the area. Occupying the ecological resources of the entire city, it is suitable for high-end real estate positioning.

Antai Yuehuwan lakeside beautiful house with a construction area of ​​258-295㎡, quasi-existing house for sale!

The unit price starts from 11,900 yuan/㎡ in District D of Lantian East District, and the building area is 102-285㎡. The multi-storey elevator garden house is available for public sale, and the VIP card is being applied for free! Buy a house and enjoy a discount of 20,000 yuan (10,000 yuan for the house payment and parking space payment)!

Xingye Shengshi Huafu has a construction area of ​​117-220㎡, and it is currently being promoted in response to the market!

At the end of the year, Haiyun Plaza will start at 12,300 yuan/㎡ for the quasi-existing houses next to the double new camp! Buy a house with a discount of 30,000 yuan, and enjoy a discount on the total house price!

The main structure of Tianning Junyuefu South District was capped on September 16 this year, and the building area is 89-173㎡, a low-density smart school, which is currently on sale.

If you can't afford the Dongcheng area, it is quite a choice to buy a residence in the University Town area. Surrounded by many universities, enterprises and talents gather, Qingdao Road and Yantai Road are supported by urban arterial roads, and life in the University City area will be upgraded in the future. Enjoy the benefits of transportation, ecology and business circles in the Dongcheng area, and the sales of real estate are mainly improved.

Fulaichun·Wenlan Academy has great benefits at the end of the year. It offers a special room price of 11,500 yuan/㎡, and there is also a subscription activity where 6 yuan can be worth 60,000 house payments. It can be said that it is cost-effective.

Chengtou·City Impression opening buildings: Buildings 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10, wide-view houses with a construction area of ​​140-180㎡; Buildings 18 and 19, urban flats with a construction area of ​​150-180㎡. Buy now and enjoy a discount of 30,000 yuan!

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Rizhao Riguang Center property details

The second phase of Yusheng·Huating will be handed over on November 29 this year, and the existing houses are for sale. Currently, the homes in the central park with a construction area of ​​85-335㎡ are on sale throughout the city.

Rigang Green City Ideal City has a construction area of ​​about 120-300 square meters for sale, and the space is favored by people who want to improve housing!

In recent years, the value of high-tech zones has begun, and policy support and investment promotion have brought high-end technology and perfection. Needless to say, how fast a region will develop under the support of everyone's policies.

Antai Emerald City to buy this year, live next year! Preferential bungalows, with a down payment of 260,000 yuan!

Xingye Graceland is to buy now and live in this year, low-priced real-life quasi-existing houses! Building area of ​​95-115㎡ multi-storey elevator bungalows are on sale in the whole city!

Jinke Jimei 7# Hejing Central Pin, should be launched in the market to increase the construction area of ​​95㎡ and 100㎡, the popular small three-bedroom, pay 20,000 to 50,000, and the total price will be the main core! Delivery is expected by the end of 2021!

Next to the school in Yiheyuan Park, the quasi-existing house of a state-owned enterprise is trustworthy! The construction area is 103-119㎡, the quasi-existing house of the state-owned enterprise, the income!

Many real estate companies have targeted the potential of the development zone, and a large number of high-quality real estate projects have sprung up. The sales projects in the area are dense, and the transaction volume has won the first place. The real estate delivery next year will be in the urban area of ​​Rizhao.

Wanbang City currently buys a house to get 100,000 worth of decoration + storage room (limited time and limited room rush purchase)! With a construction area of ​​123㎡, four bedrooms with excellent quality, quasi-existing houses for sale!

The Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone Government Service Center of Antai Youranju project is located across the road, and the down payment is 230,000 yuan next to the home stadium of the Provincial Games. The transparent three-bedroom house with a construction area of ​​106-120㎡ is on sale in the whole city!

The multi-storey elevator bungalows in Derui Splendid Washington have a small number of houses left and are being liquidated.

The second phase of Shenghe Homeland · Shengmeiju liquidation special offer! The construction area is 77-120㎡. Real-view quasi-existing houses, buy this year and live next year! The total price starts from 550,000 yuan, and the storage room is 30% off!

Antai Youshan Mercure Ningbo Road School is separated by a road, fully enjoying the advantages brought by the school district, with an average price of 5,800 yuan/㎡, and it is expected to be delivered by the end of 2021.

Buy Kui Wenyuan this year and live next year! Starting from more than 600,000 yuan, the construction area is 98-126㎡ and the three-bedroom house with a panoramic view!

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Rizhao Fangtianxia: 【Rizhao Real Estate Portal

Big inventory! In 2021, the real estate in Rizhao City will be handed over for consolidation. Has the new house you bought been handed over?

Riguang Yaju has a construction area of ​​101-143㎡ and a high-rise real-view quasi-existing house. Buy this year and move in next year!

Special discount for the liquidation of famous residences by the lakeside of Xingye! The last seat is on sale! The construction area is 105-132㎡ and you need a good house. Buy this year and live next year!

Jinyu Court is located next to the Provincial Games, with a building area of ​​106-142㎡, three rooms, and a building area of ​​166㎡, four rooms with double balconies. Now the internal group purchase is approved, enjoy the group purchase price!

The North District of Xiangzhang Garden has a quality three-bedroom apartment with a construction area of ​​97-120㎡, starting at 7,788 yuan/㎡, and there are many discounts for buying a house now!

The two towns in the north border Dongjiakou, Qingdao. If Rizhao and Qingdao are used, the Shanhaitian area should be labeled as Laoshan District, Qingdao. With the sunshine in the north of the city, a large number of villas are located here.

Bishan Linhai·Yingzhou Tai quasi-existing houses are for sale, the seats are decreasing, and the building area is 134㎡Lang three-bedroom, friends who want to buy a property in Shanhaitian can consider it.

The treasures of the third phase of Shangang Longyue will continue to be promoted!

There is a strange phenomenon in the real estate market: when housing prices rise, buyers are enthusiastic about buying a house; on the contrary, when housing prices start to fall, buyers become enthusiastic.

In the Rizhao real estate market in 2018, everyone rushed to grab a house. For example, the first living area in Rizhao Port opened, and if you can grab a house, you don’t need to look at the price, it doesn’t matter the floor. This buys up.

However, when the Rizhao market was cold in 2014, no matter how much the developers shouted, no matter how much the discount rate increased, they could not arouse the enthusiasm of customers to buy houses, and most customers wanted to see it. This is buying or selling.

Now, the Rizhao market has entered a period, is it suitable to buy a house now? Do you think buying up, or buying down?

The surface is very, behind…behind…

The recent real estate market is indeed: Haiyun Plaza has opened twice since August. It is said that the sales volume in the second half of this year was more than a year last year; the second phase of Xingye Shengshi Huafu opened in early October, and Country Garden Shiguang opened for the first time; in early November, Wolong Chunxiao opened, and Rizhao’s most eminent project—Shanghai-Hong Kong Center opened; last weekend, Rizhao Center and Lancheng Lanyuan opened at the same time; this weekend, Tianning Grand Hyatt South District opened; Add push to open.

In the Rizhao real estate market, it has not been so intensively opened for a long time. Although the positioning and price of these projects are different, there is one thing that is the same. No matter which project is opened, there will be a huge crowd of people on the scene.

But what about the actual situation? Who knows, right!

Talking about two details, I know how life is going for developers now. The first one is that in the market in 2018, a certain project in Keyuan needed to pay 300,000 yuan for financing. Now, only the second phase of Xingye Shengshi Huafu and Tianning Grand Hyatt Mansion dare to ask for 300,000.5 million yuan. Other projects , There are 100,000, there are 50,000, some projects pay 8,000 to let customers choose a house, why is this? It's clear at a glance. The second detail is that in the market, when everyone is scrambling for houses, when all developers advertise, they don’t mention the price, and flaunt how awesome and high-end their projects are; but in today’s market, what do you rely on for publicity? Pu Li Hao Ting called "real estate in the new urban area, starting from 13,500 yuan", Country Garden called "14,900 yuan/㎡, with 200,000 decoration", Wenlan Court called "special price 11,500 yuan, quasi-existing houses in the new urban area", Haiyun The plaza shouted "The average price is 14,500 yuan…" … You can see the way, the price attracts the attention of customers, this is like a street girl, whoever shows more can attract the attention of customers.

These two details fully explain the current market situation. Although developers and practitioners are willing to admit, the current market is a little bit. On the surface, the market seems to be selling very well, but behind the scenes it is grabbing customers.

Buying up or buying down is a science.

The topic is back, when it comes to buying up or buying down. The following are the key points, you can make good notes.

Need, ups and downs you do not care, buy it. Although the real estate market has ups and downs, it is difficult to go down when it goes up (maybe many people are willing to listen, but it is true), why do I suggest that you can buy now? First, the price is really affordable now, and developers are looking for quantity and profit, like Ruitai Oriental View Garden, who buy a house and get 100,000 decoration for free; second, in the current market, there are many optional projects and housing sources. Think about the house grabbing in 2018 Time, look at the present; third, even if the price of the new house is reduced, space, the price advertisements mentioned above are just a way to attract customers. The price of a house in Country Garden is 14,900 yuan, and other projects are basically similar, and the price has not been reduced; If you want to buy a house to live in, you will have to buy it sooner or later, so it is better to start now while it is affordable.

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