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#南莱忆展公园设计划引典典# Recently, the results of the general contract evaluation for the design and construction of the former Nanchong Oil Refinery’s soil pollution control and restoration, Nanlian Memory Park and surrounding road construction projects were announced, and the winning bidder was China Water Resources and Hydropower Ninth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. .

#伊龙站站房屋主体构建立填头# On May 30, the main structure of the side-type station buildings on both sides of Yilong Station in the middle section of Nanchongba on the Hanbanan Railway was successfully capped, marking the completion of the main body of the first newly built station building on the Hanbanan Railway , successfully completing the next node goal created favorable conditions.

#成南高速运动工具有新进入# Chengnan Expressway expansion control project – the construction of the Jialing River Bridge is advancing, and the construction party is rushing to catch up with the time and strive to complete the scheduled goal in the second quarter ahead of schedule. At present, the pouring of the pile foundations and caps of the main pier of the bridge has been completed. 183 pile foundations of approach bridges have been completed, more than 87% of the target tasks have been completed; 180 tie beams have been completed, with a completion rate of 85%; 182 piers of approach bridges have been completed, approaching the end, and more than 90% of target tasks have been completed.

Recently, 10 residential villas, 161 high-rise houses, and 24 bungalows have been added to the real estate development in the main urban area of ​​Nanchong. They are from Shunqing District and Jialing District.

Lancheng Taoli Chunfeng is located by the Xixi River in Shunqing District, covering an area of ​​3,600 mu, including 600 mu of construction land and 3,000 mu of agricultural land. The blue city ideal town blueprint of the project is built around the two themes of "rural revitalization" and "blue city town", covering three characteristic groups of pastoral care, Chinese farm and modern agriculture.

The main product type of the project is a Chinese-style courtyard house, which is a high-end improvement project away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Lancheng Taoli Chunfeng will add 48 buildings, a total of 10 courtyard houses, with a construction area of ​​146㎡-166㎡. The independent Chinese-style courtyard design is very suitable for families with many members and high quality of life.

Lanrun Chunfengyu Lake is located on Bi Road, Jialing District. The project covers an area of ​​about 81 mu, with 1431 planned households, a plot ratio of 2.5, and high-rise products.

The project received pre-sale building No. 6, a total of 27 floors, two elevators and six households, a total of 161 sets. There are two types of house types: 86㎡, three-bedroom and 96㎡, small four-bedroom. The space layout, two types of house, is the design of the small four-bedroom, which is cramped. However, there are many family members but the budget needs to be considered when buying a house.

Shengshihaoting is located on Yuquan Road, Jialing District. The property is developed by Guang'an Taihe Real Estate. It covers an area of ​​about 40 mu. The product is a 6F small bungalow with a total of 464 planned households. After investigation, the project received its first pre-sale in 2016, which shows the construction period.

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Nanchong latest real estate real estate price information

Inquiry of new properties for sale in Nanchong

This project has received a pre-sale permit for Building No. 4. There are 24 units in total in 2 units. The main building area is 102㎡ and the building area is 106㎡; ㎡, 127㎡.

The issue of delivery delays has not stopped since last year. The real estate industry has been affected by the downturn, and the new crown epidemic has caused unfavorable factors for long-term shutdowns, and the delivery link has concentrated outbreaks.

Recently, a real estate project in Nanchong – located in Honghua Yufu, Jialing District, issued a notice announcing the postponement of delivery.

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Nanfang Express | 23 sets of new houses in Nanchong were sold yesterday; the delivery of the first real estate in Nanchong was postponed again…

New real estate in Nanchong in 2022

Honghua Yufu is located at the intersection of Chunjiang Road and Binjiang Road in Jialing District, covering a total area of ​​55 acres and a construction area of ​​105,000 square meters. At the end of 2019, Honghua Yufu started sales, and the agreed delivery time was December 31, 2022.

In November 2022, Honghua Yufu issued the first notice of postponement of delivery, stating that the project was affected by the "new crown epidemic and continued impact", resulting in a phased shutdown, unable to complete the delivery within the agreed period, and the time was delayed by 90 working days.

In December of the same year, Honghua Yufu publicized the implementation plan of the finishing project. From this plan, it can be seen that the project will complete various projects in stages, and it is clear that the house will be handed over by the end of May 2023.

Now Honghua Yufu has announced that the delivery time will be postponed until June 25th. According to the notice, the individual acceptance and comprehensive acceptance of some projects are currently in the process of filing.

It seems that the only thing left is the issue of acceptance and filing? However, some owners on the Wenzheng platform reported that dozens of apartment types had pipe-penetrating cracks in the floor after the community was delivered, and the quality of the project was worrying.

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