【Which floor is the best to buy a house under the sign of Snake?】”Finding the Perfect Home: The Best Floor for Buying a House Under the Sign of the Snake”

When it comes to buying a house, there are many factors to consider such as location, price, size, and more. However, for people who believe in astrology, the position of the stars and planets can also play a role in determining the best floor to buy a house. In this article, we will explore which floor is the best to buy a house under the sign of the Snake.

The Snake in Chinese Astrology

First, let’s look at the Snake in Chinese astrology. People born in the Year of the Snake are believed to be intelligent, wise, and charming. They are also said to be good with money and have a strong intuition. According to Chinese astrology, the Snake is associated with the element of fire and the direction of the south.

The Best Floor for Snakes

Based on the association with the direction of the south, it is believed that the best floor for Snakes to buy a house is the top floor or any floor that is higher up. This is because the south direction is associated with the sun, warmth, and light, and being on a higher floor can provide more sunlight and warmth.

On the other hand, it is said that Snakes should avoid buying a house on the ground floor or any floor that is lower down. This is because the south direction is also associated with fire, and being on a lower floor can increase the risk of fire hazards.


When it comes to buying a house, there are many factors to consider. From location to price, the decision-making process can be overwhelming. In addition to these factors, some people believe in the concept of lucky floors. In Chinese astrology, each zodiac sign is associated with specific lucky numbers and floors. In this article, we will focus on the sign of the Snake and explore which floor is considered the best to buy a house.

The Third Floor

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According to Chinese astrology, the Snake is associated with the number three. Therefore, the third floor is considered the luckiest floor for those born under this sign. It is believed that the third floor is associated with growth, success, and prosperity. Additionally, the third floor is considered to be a balance between being too high or too low. Some people also believe that the third floor is less susceptible to negative energy and bad luck.

Other Considerations

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While the third floor may be considered the luckiest for those born under the sign of Snake, there are other factors to consider when buying a house. For example, the location of the house and the direction it faces can also impact its overall luck. Additionally, it is important to consider your personal preferences and needs when choosing a floor. For example, if you have mobility issues, a lower floor may be more practical for you.


In conclusion, if you were born under the sign of Snake and are considering buying a house, the third floor is believed to be the luckiest. However, it is important to consider other factors such as location, direction, and personal preferences when making your decision. Ultimately, the most important thing is to find a home that you love and that brings you happiness and prosperity, regardless of the floor it is on.

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